First and Perhaps Only Rankings for Season 2020

  • This morning I opened an email from the President of Victor Valley College where I am an Emeritus Professor which reads: "This evening the California Community College Athletics Association (CCCAA) Board of Directors voted to postpone indefinitely competition for all spring sports and those sports in their nontraditional seasons, until further notice."
  • I believe this action is warranted on behalf of the colleges and their people in an attempt to slow down the progress of the covid-19 virus before the medical system has to resort to wartime triage as they are doing at present in Italy and likely other countries of which we're not aware.
  • I have gathered the scores of SoCal Community College Men's Golf sent me by various peers and statisticians from the Western State and Orange Empire Conferences. The result is that I have posted the first and perhaps final TEAM Rankings for season 2020.
  • The season looked like a contest between two leading "C's" in SoCal Men's CC Golf and that's the way the rankings show as well. I am uncomfortable placing either team as #1 this early in the season however there is a small separation between the two so I went ahead and placed the #1 label with the team with the fewest rankings points. I know I know, it seems counterintuitive but I sort the data over four variables then rank each team on each variable so the better a team's rank on any given variable the fewer points they accumulate.