FINAL TEAM Rankings 2018 Regular Season & Post Season Conference Play

With the conclusion of the Conference Finals, this is the 8th and Final TEAM Rankings for 2018. The stage is now set for the top tier teams to compete head to head at a "neutral site" in the 2018 SoCal Championships. The host site in 2018 is BAKERSFIELD CC (BCC) a historic site in the SoCal Championships as well as in SoCal golf. This is the second time BCC has hosted the SoCal Championships since I began keeping records in 1993. BCC also has hosted the California State Championships three times in the past. It will be a great test of patience, strategy, and endurance for these fine players.

Will the eventual winner be one of the top three teams who are closely bunched together or will one of the other teams raise their games to the level of Southern California Community College Men's Golf Champion in 2018?

It is going to be exciting!!!