UPDATE: Heard Around the Putting Green

  • I've heard from each of the coaches whom I contacted yesterday asking about what I had heard about their programs. Here's what the coaches told me:
  • Coach Stacy Komai of El Camino College said her program HAS NOT BEEN cancelled and she hope it isn't;
  • Coach Ailam Kirk of Irvine Valley College said the program has been cancelled for two reasons: 1) Title IX issues since the Women's Program has issues fielding a team and needs to be cancelled because of this costly inefficiency then the Men's Program has to be cancelled as well; & 2)Costs for golf course access to practice and for matches is excessively costly and thus inefficient as well; & finally,
  • Coach Mark Halda of Palomar College said both Men's and Women's Programs have been cancelled due to budgetary issues. Coach Mark also said that leaves Cuyamaca College with the ONLY community college golf program in San Diego County.
  • I was also notified that Coach Pete Martinez of Mt San Jacinto College has stepped down as golf coach.
  • When we return it will not be a return to normal but rather a return, I hope. With the ensuing budgetary fall out from lack of Federal Gov support to states we may see more drastic steps in the future.
  • Physical distancing with social solidarity!!!
  • Below is yesterday's posting by me which got me started on these issues.
  • I've been told that three SoCal Men's Golf programs will not return to play in future seasons. I am not sure how permanent the colleges' decisions are but at least for now. El Camino College - Irvine Valley College - Palomar College are the colleges leaving Men's Golf.