Until next Season - Season 2020

I'll be on hiatus for the next half year or more from updating and posting here at this little project of mine that's grown a bit over the years. It has been my pleasure to chronicle the 2019 Season of SoCal Men's Community College Golf. I will look forward to "seeing" you again next season, Season 2020! So long for now! Enjoy your summer's amateur golf and for those players moving onward, all the best to you!

A couple of things from me: This past year I returned to SoCal for my 50th College Reunion from the Univ of San Diego and received my Golden Torrero medallion and lapel pin. The University has been a treasure to me since I was 18 years old and remains as such.


Finally, I will be soon celebrating in SoCal a granddaughter's HS graduation and a grandson's marriage. Then upon return from SoCal welcoming our fifth (5th) great grandchild into our world, and another Mainer. And finally you'll find me on a local golf course in our little corner of New England: