7th Edition of TEAM Rankings

At the conclusion of regular season matches this is my 7th rendition of TEAM Rankings for Season 2019.

This week
Orange Coast sits atop the Rankings with Cypress, Palomar, Canyons, Mt SAC, Santa Barbara City, & Desert following.

Conference Champions will come from the battles between: 1) Orange Coast or Cypress; (Orange Empire) 2) Palomar or Desert (Pacific Coast Athletic); 3) Canyons or Santa Barbara City (Western State). Mt SAC (Orange Empire) and Ventura (Western State) will play the "spoiler" role.

I will post the equivalent of two matches for each Conference at the conclusion of Conference Finals this coming Monday April 29th. So as soon as Wednesday this coming week we will know the teams and individuals qualifying to compete at the SoCals.

TEAM Rankings #7