8th Regular Season TEAM Rankings

As the regular season for 2019 Men's Community College Golf comes to an end, I am posting the 8th TEAM Rankings for the 2019 season. Congratulations to teams and coaches for their performances during regular season 2019.

Regular season play qualifies teams and players for first, the regional Championships, -
SoCals - and performances at the SoCals determines the SoCal entries to the following week's STATE CHAMPIONSHIPS. It is really starting a whole new season: The Playoffs!

Best wishes to all the competing teams and individuals chasing the honors associated with the
SoCals and State Championship. Each competing team and individual should feel honored to have qualified for the playoffs and the right to pursue a regional championship and state title. May the weather be cooperative to you!

Next week's TEAM Rankings will show teams ranked as they finished in the SoCals.

8th Team Rankings